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Purchases of communication and advertising media-plans.


Understanding and the importance of a concept or a media plan is essential for achieving the objectives of promoting companies to a refined target audience.


The process of purchasing marketing and advertising services is not as simple as it seems and has many secrets, which is why it is important to have as a partner an experienced team in this field.

A marketing plan does not only mean choosing locations for advertising.

The process includes analysis, research, strategy, negotiation with media service providers, correct implementation and of course realistic reporting.


Depending on the objectives and budget of each client, we identify and choose the most suitable communication and advertising or marketing channels.

We send to the client all the information regarding the results of the campaigns.

We can report weekly, monthly, or at the end depending on each channel or campaign.

Purchase packages for participation in business or architecture events and conferences.


Business conferences are not only for people who work in a certain field.

A place where professionals come together to share ideas, to present their achievements in a certain field or to offer solutions to problems faced by companies and potential clients.


Annually, in Bucharest and other large cities in Romania there are dozens of thematic conferences for the business world.


Therefore, choosing the most relevant conference for your company can be a difficult task.

The price, the distance and the theme of the conference, as well as the participants or speakers are criteria that must be taken into account.

Why participate in seminars, conferences, meetings, forums and exhibitions?


The topics discussed are of interest for your activity and for your industry in which you operate.

Live events take us out of our comfort zone and often help us identify new solutions of business.

The speakers and guests are always of high quality and chosen with great care, decision-making factors or trendsetters.

An excellent networking opportunity where you can meet potential clients in search of the services or products you offer.

Conferences and successful events are a constantly updated source of information, supporting the continuous training of specialists.


Every year, successful forums, conferences and events have been in search of excellence, improving the quality and complexity with each edition.


Our 15 years of involvement in the development of multiple successful projects recommends us as an experienced partner when you are at the point where you have to choose the marketing and advertising channels or successful events that you would prefer to participate.

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