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Story of MIRIO Development


With over 15 years of experience as a Sales & Marketing Manager within the team, Ioan Mircea, the founder of this project, decided in 2023 that it was time to develop the MIRIO project and offer complete integrated services to support the development of small and medium companies in Romania.

PR Office
PR Office

Although a relatively new team, developed in 2023, our team members and partners have been collaborating on various successful projects for over 15 years, being specialists and having extensive experience for the services we offer.

  • Marketing and development strategies - over 15 years of experience

  • Purchases of advertising and marketing services. - over 10 years

  • Business and architecture conferences - over 10 years of experience

  • Web Design & Development - over 15 years of experience

  • Social Media - over 10 years of experience

  • Sales and project development - over 15 years of experience

  • Copywriting and content creation - over 15 years of experience​

  • Technical translations - over 10 years of experience

  • Graphic editing and video editing - over 10 years of experience

  • Project management - over 10 years of experience

Conference Mingling
PR Office

Why ?

Because big brands and companies usually have large marketing budgets and already work with large advertising agencies, but small and medium-sized companies struggle to find a good team that can work effectively with a decent budget.

Together with the trusted partners with whom we have developed successful projects over the past 15 years, the foundation of Mirio Development team represents a full-service marketing and development agency committed to help small and medium-sized businesses achieve their goals in our digital age based on technology.

We rely on our consultative approach to identify unique and dedicated solutions for each client and partner. ​

Truly understanding the business of every client is how we can offer dedicated marketing and development solutions !

Many small and medium firms invest time and money on marketing and sales services without always getting the results they want.​

Most of the time this only happens because everyone is only thinking about sales.​

It is important to develop digital marketing strategies that help customers and partners.

This way, when they understand the support and help you offer, they will naturally start buying your products and services.​

Even after several years of trying, many of the small and medium-sized companies I've worked with over the past 17 years have changed their marketing people, sales people, IT services almost every year, to the point where they no longer knew what to do, to invest or what to develop.​

Working with the right team can make the difference for small and medium-sized companies, because it can offer a dedicated solution based on the specific needs and objectives of each company and of course on a decent budget. ​

Marketing and growing a business used to mean "fitting in" with everyone else.

Today, it's about helping and standing out!​

It's about being bold and showing how we can help.

If customers don't see and don't understand what you can help with, then we're invisible.​

A classic and common rule of thumb is that B2B companies should spend 2-5% of their revenue on marketing and development.

For B2C companies, the proportion is often higher – between 5 and 10%.​

If you really want to grow your business, we are here to help!

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