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By using a combination of state-of-the-art localization and translation technologies, a system of quality assurance procedures and a personalized approach to client communication, we ensure that our output is always of the highest quality.

Our team consists of technology experts, enabling us to work with clients from various industries and with varying levels of technical requirements.

While we are happy to work with all clients, we are not a "single document" translation company. We seek to establish long-term collaborations with our customers, focusing on creating processes tailored to their specific needs, to always meet quality standards.



We evolved a lot, wrote a lot, experimented a lot and demonstrated a lot. The latter is not a job I recommend, but the demo looked good too. During these years I was a content writer / copywriter - an observer, an analyst and an explorer of the online. I discovered my own SEO article writing system. And what to see? It's really a way to help people and businesses. I learned like Piperús Petrea, the character in the story who grows up in days as others in years. We did this by testing, exploring and tracking results. That's how I came to ensure results for my clients, paying attention to action vs. result. I didn't follow all the recipes, but rather saw online business as an entity that attracts an audience with wants and needs that are expressed in words. Even pictures represent words, and words that describe pictures, in turn, express emotions or needs.

And from here on, beyond intuition, my analytical talent intervened, the science of choosing search volumes vs. linguistic similarities, relevance on long tail keywords, planning for relevance, choosing and optimizing media placement systems, building partnerships for partnerships and so on...


AșiCarhitectura - an office that offers architecture with professionalism, involvement and passion. Our works are associated with modesty, efficiency and common sense in architecture. We want things to work naturally, simply, intelligently, coherently and pleasantly for the user and the viewer. We aim for a strong architectural - functional - aesthetic impact. At the same time, we are moving towards minimalism, eliminating everything that stops us from achieving clarity, efficiency and good taste in architecture.
In the realization of the projects, we find interesting proportions of architectural forms and spaces; we study the light of created spaces; we propose suitable materials and colors; we adapt to the particularities of the location and the needs of the beneficiary.
The architecture workshop AșiCarhitectura addresses to all social categories. We are followers of simple but spectacular architecture, which conveys sincerity, elegance and refinement. We like things out of the ordinary. In general, we prefer and seek to solve the situations encountered in a simple and spectacular way. As is well known, the hardest thing is to do something simple but beautiful! We belive that we can achieve quality architecture with small or very small budgets. We feel different for the simple reason that we propose architecture in the true sense of the word!
I learned that if we don't get involved in the small things, we can't reach the big ones! We strongly believe in the famous quote of the architect L. Mies van der Rohe "less is more".

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