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The first challenge for suppliers of materials and services for the construction industry is the correct identification of the target audience and the main information and documentation channels they use in Romania.

Why does this aspect represent the first challenge?

Because before any sale, today's public stays informed and documented, and for this every supplier of products or services in any industry needs visibility and awarness


This is also the reason why each of us prefers certain brands when we talk about cars, clothes, mobile phones, household appliances, etc.

How does the target audience perceive your technical solutions?

Construction goods and services are not sold as easily as general consumer goods!

The technical details are different and crucial to help customers understand each technical solution so they can choose the best one.

Correct installation, assembly and use are also crucial for both specialists and end users, which is why a common language is needed.

Digital marketing strategies for the construction industry:

A digital marketing strategy is a plan for using digital marketing tools and techniques to achieve strategic marketing goals, such as brand awareness or new business development.


A digital marketing strategy is often part of an overall strategic marketing plan that incorporates both digital and traditional (offline) approaches.

Common digital techniques include search engine optimization, link-building, quality content creation, digital advertising, email marketing, webinars, social media, websites and mobile apps, etc.

The digital marketing strategy is the planning at the highest level and the strategic choices that set the direction for the positioning of your company on the market and the key messages that you will convey for the audience and potential customers.

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The strategy should be the same in both directions, the digital and offline worlds.

Digital marketing techniques are the specific digital platforms and tools you use to deliver those messages and reach the current need of potential customers.

Analysis and optimization:

We monitor and analyze the results of digital marketing activities and provide you with detailed reports. Based on this data, we make the necessary optimizations to improve the annual performance.

All our digital marketing services are also customizable, so your business will get everything it needs to develop new projects, including a digital marketing specialist for the construction industry.

Pricing our marketing services for the construction industry:

  • Phone or video-call consultancy: 50 euros per hour

  • Research, analysis, and implementation: 30 euros per hour

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